About Us

Why Audit & Coffee?

Audit serves as an important controlling tool – a proper audit can wake you up like a strong cup of coffee.

We have spent the majority of our professional lives in an international consultancy company from among the “big four” family. While there we received a great many specialized trainings and courses, were exposed to a variety of clients in terms of size and orientation and thus gained essential qualifications and experiences. On the other hand, however, the affiliation with a big corporation carries along some negative consequences – the client engagement and audit execution themselves are pushed back by growing administrative needs and bureaucratic requirements where the client is no longer the centre of attention. We believe that an audit should be done differently and therefore decided to open our own “shop” with the philosophy that an audit must be executed at the highest quality and yet with a friendly and human approach where the client is always the central focus point.

An audit does not have to be an uncomfortable experience for the client – with us you can enjoy the audit like you enjoy your morning cup of coffee..



Ivana Kunová

Ivana has worked more than 25 years at the international consultancy company PriceWaterhouseCoopers as an auditor. Her rich and extensive client portfolio of local and multinational corporations spanned from pharmaceuticals through the auto-industry, consumables and included manufacturing as well as distribution and trading entities. In her career she always strived to provide a highly professional and yet friendly approach to client matters based on respect and mutual trust.

Ivana graduated from the Prague School of Economics. She received the ACCA certificate in 1996 and has been a member of Chamber of statutory auditors since 1998.





Jarmila Štiková

Jarmila gained her extensive audit experience initially through her work in a “big four” audit firm and later in her own audit company. Her portfolio covers local as well as international companies from various sectors of manufacturing, trade and services. Jarmila is also involved in providing training and lecturing primarily in the area of audit methodology.

Jarmila graduated from Czech Technical University. She gained her ACCA certificate in 1997. She is a member of Czech Chamber of Auditors since 2002 and Czech Institute of Accountants (ISU).